The coroner's assistant opened the drawer and pulled back the sheet, and Calla saw a living woman. Lucy's face was intact, her eyes closed, her long red hair fanned out around her head. She was breathing softly, chest moving just the slightest bit. Even her clothes were there--gray sweater, dark jeans, a chunk of quartz on a thin gold chain. Calla bit down hard on the inside of her cheek and concentrated on now. The image flickered and blurred and vanished, leaving only the waxy, jawless corpse, naked and autopsy-scarred.

Bodies remembered what they'd been.
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The Sacred And The Profane
The Sacred & The Profane

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Who Killed Lucy Ripley?

When a member of the prominent Ripley family is found murdered just outside of Baltimore, the Ripley family turns to a private investigator with psychic abilities for answers. The Baltimore PD, baffled and frustrated by the case, enlists a psychic detective of their own. Will the two combined be able to unravel the mystery of Lucy Ripley's tragic death, or will they simply get in one another's way?

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

In the wake of the death of the vampires' ancient and revered king, the remaining families squabble over territory and influence, each hoping to prove that the leader of their clan is worthy of the title. Tensions are high as all of vampire kind awaits the judgement of the elusive vampiric council.
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