The coroner's assistant opened the drawer and pulled back the sheet, and Calla saw a living woman. Lucy's face was intact, her eyes closed, her long red hair fanned out around her head. She was breathing softly, chest moving just the slightest bit. Even her clothes were there--gray sweater, dark jeans, a chunk of quartz on a thin gold chain. Calla bit down hard on the inside of her cheek and concentrated on now. The image flickered and blurred and vanished, leaving only the waxy, jawless corpse, naked and autopsy-scarred.

Bodies remembered what they'd been.
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 [WANTED] Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, Witch Coven Murder Mystery
 Posted: Mar 14 2015, 09:37 PM

The Ripley coven has long been one of Baltimore's premier magical coalitions. No one dared touch them. But all that changed when Lucy Ripley--golden girl; heir; niece to the head; possessed of dangerous secrets--was brutally murdered by a hit man using someone else's magic. Now their power base is compromise and their faith shaken. Who killed Lucy? What didn't they know about her? And is there a traitor in their midst?

See this thread for more information.

user posted image
Emma Ripley--The Head
Suggested FC: Gillian Anderson

For twenty years she's ruled her coven with an iron hand. Cold, skilled, and the most ruthless kind of gunner, Emma is not a woman to be trifled with. She raised her niece Lucy as her own after her sister died and her brother-in-law left town, and Lucy's death has hurt her more deeply than she shows. She's chosen her stepdaughter as heir, a decision that has sent a deep political rift through coven. She'll stand by her choice--but Tanaya's merits aren't her only reason. Emma no longer trusts the Woods women. She knows she must protect her coven, and she's not sure, anymore, whether or not they're something she needs to be protecting the coven from. Emma has hired Calla Liu to investigate--and when they find the people who did this, she will have her due.

user posted image
Dia Sanon--The Right Hand
Suggested FC:Juhi Chawla

This is the woman who makes the coven tick. Dia and Emma have been friends ever since they came into their powers, and together they're formidable. Dia is quick-witted, frank, warm, and often plays the nice parent to Emma's strict parent--if you want a favor done, it's usually best to ask Dia first. Of course, none of that means she's not dangerous. She absolutely is. Her punishment is swift, efficient, and cruel. Emma is easy to piss off, but when you manage to make Dia truly better run. And right now, she is very, very angry.

user posted image
Jena Ripley-Mbatha--The Brains
Suggested FC: Viola Davis

Eighteen years ago, she became Emma's wife in all but name, bringing a young daughter and a wealth of magical knowledge to the coven. Jena is fiercely loving and terrifyingly intelligent. If you have a magic question, she's the woman to ask. Even if she doesn't know it off the top of her head it's sure to be in one of her many, many books, or in one of her friends' libraries. Her academic connections are nearly as impressive as her own skills. Jena is particularly good at dissecting what makes spells go and other highly delicate work. With Lucy's death hanging over the entire coven, she's scrambling to figure out how exactly the magic that killed her was constructed, support the partner who's pulling away from everyone, including her--and keep her daughter safe.

user posted image
Tanaya Mbatha--The New Heir
Suggested FC: Aja Naomi King

A powerful but inexperienced witch with a magic green thumb, Tanaya's sunny disposition and girl-next-door tendencies belie a keen observational eye and an exceptional talent for persuasion. She's Jena's daughter from a previous marriage, and was four when they joined the Ripley coven. She and Lucy were practically sisters and inseparable from Marianne Woods. Now Lucy's dead and Marianne, who everyone thought would be the next heir, has been put aside in favor of Tanaya. But the rift between her and Marianne started long before that--because Tanaya knows what Marianna was up to before Lucy died. Tanaya's grieving, off-kilter, and terrified for her life. She knows she can trust her mother--but who else? Is Emma even really on her side anymore?

user posted image
Lorraine Woods--The Diplomat
Suggested FC: Maimie McCoy

This is the woman who manages all inter-coven relationships, and she's damn good at it. Her middling magical strength has always been a disappointment to her--but her daughter Marianne is a lot stronger than her, and so she's always pushed her to be the best she can be at everything. In the wake of Lucy's death, Lorraine was certain Marianne was the right choice for heir-presumptive, but instead the position went to Tanaya. A fine girl, maybe a good choice for second someday, but not a real Ripley. Not someone who should lead the coven. Lorraine has been making tiny, subtle moves to get Emma to reverse her decision ever since, unaware that her leader finds her loyalty...lacking. Lorraine is certain the attack came from one of the Northern covens, and very vocal about it (perhaps, one might say, too vocal).

user posted image
Marianne Woods--The Contender
Suggested FC: Sophie Turner

Always second fiddle to Lucy and Tanaya despite the power she brings to the table and drowning under the weight of her mother's expectations, Marianne's been struggling for a long, long time. But there are ways to make things easier, if you're willing to shed a little blood, and when she figured them out she jumped on them. With Lucy's blessing. But eight months before Lucy's death, they had a falling-out, one their friendship never recovered from and now never will. Bereft, estranged from Tanaya, and denied what she sees as her rightful place, Marianne's bubbling over with resentment and grief that she has no outlet for. This girl is a bomb waiting to go off.

user posted image
Faith Muri--The Old Pro
Suggested FC: Tamlyn Tomita

Faith has been in this game for a long, long time. She was advisor to the last head, second to the one before that. While she's quiet and unassuming, when roused she's one of the most dangerous women in Baltimore. As yet she hasn't decided whether she backs Tanaya or Marianne, which puts the coven even more on edge. Her word carries weight. It's not a sure thing--but her support may well carry the day, when she gives it. If she survives. After all, the heir's not the only person who's important to a coven. Faith is in more danger than she knows.
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