The coroner's assistant opened the drawer and pulled back the sheet, and Calla saw a living woman. Lucy's face was intact, her eyes closed, her long red hair fanned out around her head. She was breathing softly, chest moving just the slightest bit. Even her clothes were there--gray sweater, dark jeans, a chunk of quartz on a thin gold chain. Calla bit down hard on the inside of her cheek and concentrated on now. The image flickered and blurred and vanished, leaving only the waxy, jawless corpse, naked and autopsy-scarred.

Bodies remembered what they'd been.
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The Sacred & The Profane

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 Writer Profiles, This is new and fun, kids!
 Posted: Jul 15 2015, 12:36 PM

Writer Profiles

Instead of linking to your user page, the player link in the mini-profile will now link to a custom writer profile of your own making. These threads will be closed (but editable) and alphabetized, and will serve as a sort of directory for potential partners.

Meet & Greet

The primary purpose of this profile will be to get to know you as a writer. We want to hear about what you like writing, what you hate writing, what plots you've done in the past, and what plots you want to do in the future. Telling us who you are helps you find a writing partner who sticks, instead of everyone aimlessly clicking through characters to find someone we might want to write with.

Show off your skills

This is one of the few places on the board where doHTML is enabled, so go wild with your templates if you so choose! We only ask that you avoid dramatic hover states, for the sake of readability.

You are, of course, also allowed to use the hard-coded site template if that's more your speed! See this thread for that template!

Plot, plot, plot!

While the writer profile threads will be closed, they'll serve as a great jumping-off point for furthering individual and sitewide plots. Link to your characters and want ads, tell people how to get involved with you personally, and even show them how to get an in with other folks you play with by linking to friends' posts and want ads.
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