The coroner's assistant opened the drawer and pulled back the sheet, and Calla saw a living woman. Lucy's face was intact, her eyes closed, her long red hair fanned out around her head. She was breathing softly, chest moving just the slightest bit. Even her clothes were there--gray sweater, dark jeans, a chunk of quartz on a thin gold chain. Calla bit down hard on the inside of her cheek and concentrated on now. The image flickered and blurred and vanished, leaving only the waxy, jawless corpse, naked and autopsy-scarred.

Bodies remembered what they'd been.
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The Sacred And The Profane
The Sacred & The Profane

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 Quick Start, One stop shop!
 Posted: Mar 3 2015, 01:31 PM


There are a few questions that everyone wants answered before they really dig into the lore of a board. Usually these are located in several different places, but we've decided to condense them for easy reading.

What’s the word count/Is there a word count?
None. Zilch. Zero.

What’s the rating?
3-2-3 or TV-MA. A little less sexy than R, but a little more violent than PG-13.

Activity Checks?
Every two months. You can miss two before we archive your characters (so that’s four months).

Account per Player or Account per Character?
Account per character, with OOC accounts for players.

How many characters can I have?
As many as you can handle!

Not in IC areas or in the app. We have a BBC code [post*] template you can use if you need to make things tidy. Let your heart run wild in plotters.

Face claims?
Optional RL face claims.

OOC accounts?
Optional if you only have one character, but we highly suggest them after that.

LGBT+/POC/Neuroatypical Characters?
Yes please. We would love to foster an environment where these characters are welcomed and encouraged.

Character bans?
None. Not on gender, sex, species, or orientation. We're trying to let this baby develop naturally.

Av/Sig Sizes?
Avatar: 250x300

Signatures: You can have a small image, no larger than 500px wide and 200px tall. A couple of tiny site banners are also cool.

An unplayed canon is already using the face I want, but I don't want to play that canon.
Shoot Nan a message about it and we'll see what we can work out.

My idea doesn’t fit the lore/You don’t have a species I want to play.
Check out Otherworlders and see if we can make something work! If not, you can PM a staffer and see what we can do.

<center>Have we lost you yet? No? Good!
On to the rules!</center>
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