The coroner's assistant opened the drawer and pulled back the sheet, and Calla saw a living woman. Lucy's face was intact, her eyes closed, her long red hair fanned out around her head. She was breathing softly, chest moving just the slightest bit. Even her clothes were there--gray sweater, dark jeans, a chunk of quartz on a thin gold chain. Calla bit down hard on the inside of her cheek and concentrated on now. The image flickered and blurred and vanished, leaving only the waxy, jawless corpse, naked and autopsy-scarred.

Bodies remembered what they'd been.
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The Sacred & The Profane

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 Posted: Jun 29 2015, 01:54 AM


  1. We have no word count. Please feel free to post 5 or 500+ words as you see fit.
  2. Players should be fairly experienced with both writing and RP.
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  4. The site is rated 3-2-3 as per Jcink terms of use. If we get sufficient traffic/call for it, we will consider upgrading to Jcink Premium to change this rating.
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  6. Be respectful of other players' ideas and lifestyles OOC, regardless of your IC interactions.
  7. Serious rule violations will be handled on a 3 strike system, with the 3rd strike resulting in a 1 week ban.
  8. Incidents will be handled on a case by case basis. Disruptive behavior not listed above may still be corrected by the staff.
  9. Rules and expectations for staff will always be available for user review. Staff may be called out for breaking these rules at any time. (Keep us honest, guys.)

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